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Product Name: Grey lignin cellulose fiber
CAS No: 9004-34-6
Product Type: Chemical Fiber -> Others
Product spec: Grey lignin cellulose fiber
Packing: 20kg bag
Post Time: 2017-01-17
Usage: Application Project additiveamount % Model( HM ) Advantages Mineral slurry (powder material) 0.3 200 、 300 、 F3000 Anti cracking, easy construction, support and good durability, prevent dry mixture separation Light casting 5 1000 、 2000 、 F3000 High support and durable high support and durability. Improve the strength, density and mechanical properties, (the other same as above) Mineral floor tile adhesive bonding system 0.3 200 、300、 F3000 Easier construction. There is a better support increased adhesion strength and durability; The adhesive moisturizing Masonry mortar putty 0.3-1 150、200、 300 、F3000 Reduce the shrinkage and crack; Increase the compactness of mixture, leakage, easy construction Synthetic resin system 0.3-1.5 200 、 2000 Reduce the gap, cracking; High support and durability Drain table waterproofing system 0.3-0.8 F3000 High support and durability. Higher depth, strength, density and viscosity External coating fireproof paint 0.5-1.5 90 、150 、 200 、 300 To improve liquidity; Lower density; Brush on coating; Don''t hang ; Good permeability; Reflective soft; Inflation can''t uniform shell; Anti cracking; Higher wet film strength and covering effect Metope mortar 0.3-0.5 200 、300、 F3000 To improve liquidity; Lower density; Homework don''t hang ; Good permeability; Can''t afford to shell; No crack
Description: Property: Suitable for improvement, optimizing the performance of building materials, new features and functions, building materials and conformance to enhance the stability of production and construction.Its technology is mainly used to thixotropic, protection, absorption, commonly used as a carrier and filler 1 natural fiber, non-toxic harmless;A chemical inertness, belong to "green material". 2 does not dissolve in water, weak acid weak base;PH is neutral, it can improve the corrosion resistance. 3 the proportion of light, large surface area, excellent heat preservation and heat insulation, sound insulation, insulation and ventilation performance. 4 excellent flexibility and dispersion, blend to form a three-dimensional network structure.Enhance the system support and endurance, and improve the system stability, strength, compactness and uniformity. 5 fiber structure viscosity, make processing good uniformity of prefabricated pulp (wet material) remain the same.Stability and reduce the contraction and expansion system, make the construction or fabrication precision is greatly improved. 6 Capillary action of fiber evenly thoroughly to "dry" process, and is breathable and moisturizing properties. 7 used in coatings to improve liquidity;Lower density;Butter;Don''t hang ;Good permeability;Reflective soft;Heat insulation, sound insulation;Thermal expansion even can''t afford to shell cracking;Higher wet film strength and covering effect. 8 strong anti-freeze and heat capacity, when the temperature of 150 ℃ to heat insulation for a few days, when the temperature is as high as 200 ℃ can heat insulation dozens of hours, when the temperature exceeds 220 ℃ can also heat insulation for hours.
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