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Product Name: Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)
CAS No: 9002-89-5
Product Type: Inorganic Chemicals -> Others
Product spec: PVA 1788,2488,1799,2499
Packing: 25kg bag
Post Time: 2017-01-17
Usage: 1 the textile industry as a processing location between the cloth and the machine agent. 2 the paper industry as a pigment coating engineering cement and paper glue inside. 3 powder chemical building materials, such as ceramic tile adhesive, interface agent, the thin layer of putty, stucco gypsum, adhesive plaster, etc. Water resistant crack thickener.
Description: PVA is a very versatile water-soluble polymer, performance is between plastic and rubber, appearance is white powder.Water is a good solvent PVA.PVA has good membranous, to form the film with excellent, frictional resistance, stretching intensity, and oxygen insulated.Because PVA with two functional groups of hyhilic group and hyhobic group, therefore has the interfacial activity, so the PVA can be used as a polymer emulsion and suspension polymerization reaction of protective colloid.
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